Palm Tempelton strive to provide education excellence by means of differentiated education and knowledge through development of:

  • A positive mental attitude
  • Goal direction
  • Self motivation
  • Learning possibilities and barriers
  • We make use of the Home Schooling Curriculum that is CAPS aligned
  • Facilitation and overseeing of all home schooling programs
  • Effective memory processes and study concepts
  • Career planning
  • Remedial assistance in a positive environment
  • Remedial material available for assistance
  • Homework Club

Benefits of choosing Palm Tempelton Learning and Remedial Centre:

  • Increases learner retention
  • Reduces anxiety levels
  • Improves life skills
  • Develops social interaction skills
  • Encourages learners responsibility for learning
  • Address learning styles
  • Boost individual needs through emotional passion
  • Facilitates the scholar’s uniqueness
  • Promotes a relaxed environment and encourages creativity
  • Assistance to early recognition as to subject and career choice
  • Based upon inborn and learning preferences
  • Healing through remedial teaching together with Braingym

Our Vision at Palm Tempelton Learning and Remedial Centre is to  facilitate a unique one-stop solution for intellectual growth and development.